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At Bedsrevenue we are part of WE LOVE DATA: digitalized hotel management. Together with the best technological partners, we offer advice, management and technological consulting, creating a technological ecosystem that ensures the best results and allows you to face the future with guarantees.

We are based on three basic premises:



Cost effectiveness

Massive data processing for the generation of key reports.

Revtool, our 360º (comprehensive) RMS, is the hotel management program that we use to manage and analyze the massive data of each hotel. It generates key reports in the Revenue Management strategy and integrates perfectly with the main PMS systems on the market.

We take care of structuring our clients’ data, ensuring that our RMS and control systems have accurate information. Guaranteeing greater effectiveness in the implementation of the designed Revenue Management strategy and maximizing results for each hotel.

A unique AI for Hotel Upselling and Cross-selling

Deepupsell analyzes guest behavior and tells the reception team which products and services are best suited to satisfy them, improving their experience. Without setup or mapping, integrated with PMS, the objective of Deepupsell is to increase the complementary income of your business and improve its profitability. Always offering guests options that are relevant and personalized.

Artificial intelligence at the service of the hotelier, for a minimum cost, which is essential to make your business profitable and increase your income.