Will the Revenue Manager be the future director of the hotel?

By Bruno Ferrao Simoes (Business Development Manager – Portugal)

After several hotel managers told me “Bruno one day Revenue will be the hotel manager”, will that be the case?

The role of the Revenue Manager has undergone significant evolution in recent years in the hotel sector. The role of the Revenue Manager has undergone significant evolution in recent years in the hotel sector. However, stating that the Revenue Manager will be the future director of the hotel is a fairly specific statement and depends on several factors.

  • Role Evolution:

The modern Revenue Manager is not limited to just rate management, but is also involved in marketing strategies, data analysis, strategic partnerships, and strategic decision making. This feature expansion is a response to the increasing complexity of the market and the need to maximize revenue from various sources.

  • Collaboration with Other Departments:

Although the Revenue Manager plays a crucial role in maximizing revenue, the position generally does not involve managing all hotel operations. Effective collaboration with other departments, such as operations, marketing and customer service, is vital to the overall success of the hotel.

  • Hotel Director Profile:

The hotel director role traditionally involves a more holistic view of management, encompassing not only revenue, but also guest experience, operational efficiency, organizational culture and much more. Hotel managers typically have a comprehensive understanding of all operations and are responsible for the overall success of the establishment.

  • Sector Trends:

Trends in the hotel industry can influence the evolution of positions. If the industry begins to value revenue management expertise even more compared to other skills traditionally associated with the hotel manager, this shift could occur.

  • Need for Adaptability:

The Revenue Manager’s adaptability to embrace a variety of roles and take on responsibilities beyond revenue management would be crucial to this transition.

In summary, while the role of the Revenue Manager is constantly evolving and becoming more strategic, the claim that they will be the future head of the hotel depends on how the industry and specific organizations decide to value and structure these roles. Effective collaboration between different departments and a holistic understanding of operations will continue to be critical to successfully leading a hotel.